The Sum of All Impressions

“Branding” is one of those issues we picture the marketing VPs of Intel or Kraft Foods worrying about, hardly something for a small or medium sized business to concern itself with. It’s easy, after all, to appreciate the value of a brand like Coca-Cola, but near impossible to see how the same principles apply to an organization with an advertising budget something less than 30 million dollars.

Or is it? Like it or not, your organization and the products or services it sells, have a brand. It is the sum of all the impressions your prospects and customers collect from the first time they hear your voice, see your brochure, or link to your web site. And if you don’t take branding seriously, you’re leaving a critical piece of the marketing puzzle to little more than chance.

A brand is a product’s personality…its name, its packaging, its price, the style of its advertising, and above all, the nature of the product itself. How important is your personality to your everyday life? That’s how important your brand is to your business.



What Our Clients Say

I recently worked with Carlos to do a redesign of the logo for Porchlight Family Media. There were some elements we wanted to keep and some that really needed a refresh. I outlined the parameters that we wanted to work within and after just a couple of days, Carlos had completed a beautiful design that was unique and held some symbolism that represents our brand perfectly.

Jonathan Sutter, Porchlight Family Media

Along with great consultation about marketing, Carlos designed a complete package for us here at Prism Home Inspections–which package included a logo (brand),website, and business cards.

Timothy Lareau, Prism Home Inspections

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