Project Description

Red Foundation

he RED Foundation wanted us to create for them an identity. They had no idea what they wanted, they just wanted a professional looking identity that would convey to the world that they were here to help. The RED Foundation was a foundation that would send in solar power units to disaster areas along with food and temporary shelter. The word RED stood for Renewable Energy Disaster Foundation.

After hurricane Katrina, they wanted to provide assistance to disaster areas by providing temporary power units. We thought why not provide the Red Foundation with an identity that not only inspires their employees, but the people that they are helping as well. So we thought of the wings of an angel or the wings of a phoenix, however you want to look at it. Because the angel is there to help, and the phoenix rises from the ashes, both of these symbols work. There is also a verse in the bible that reads, “rejoice not against me o mine enemy, for when I fall, I shall arise.” We took this in part as the slogan and came up with “We Shall Arise”. This still works for the phoenix or the angel, whatever you see when you look at the logo.