Keeping in contact with your customer is a vital part of today’s business. We take seven steps to insure that we maximize your email blasts.

Email Blast Tips and Techniques

Email Blast Tips and Techniques

1. We Make Sure You Have Good Info
We don’t want to be sending to people who are not interested in the product. We also don’t want to spend your money sending email to bad email addresses that no longer work. We ask that you give us the most current email list of your customers.

And of course you need to give those who want to unsubscribe an easy way of doing so.

2. We Observe Analytics for the Sent Emails
What percentage of email blasts were open? Are there particular topics that drew more interest than others? What time of day were the emails opened? Are there some days that worked better than others?

There is a lot of information there that can potentially help us in optimizing your next email blast. Now we are able to see which emails are more effective, and when we should send them.

3. We’re Always Testing
We will come up with ways to test and see what works. For example, will having a differently styled button on your website get more people to sign up for your email list? We also need to harvest more information about your customers.

What about offering a discount to those who fill out a survey and answer a few questions? Or a contest? This allows us to learn more about your demographic and what they are looking for.

4. We Will Make Your Email BLasts Style Simple and Clean
At Pandemic Brand we know that emails that load quickly, and don’t take forever to come up get better results. And if it is all in graphics, many email programs will not show the graphics by default; customers need to click a button to have graphics show up.

If your email is one big graphic, you could be losing customers that way. Having mostly text is a good way to go, especially given the increased popularity of mobile devices where people will be reading the email.

5. We Will Avoid Getting Caught in Spam Filters
Some words, like “free,” may trigger spam filters. So we  run some test emails to see if they end up in Gmail and other spam filters before sending out a mass email.

6. We Send Out a Smaller-Scale Email First
Think of one segmented group to tailor an email to. For example, if you run an arts and crafts company, we send an email advertisement out to customers who are interested in crocheting products like yarn and crochet hooks.

You can even subdivide this by sending 1/3 of the list on Monday afternoon, 1/3 on Wednesday evening, and 1/3 on Saturday morning. You can also come up with different email styles for some of the group, to see which works the best. Once we determine which group had better results, we send that version to the rest of the database.

7. Then Send Out Your Email Blasts
Whether we send the blast to everybody on your mailing list, or just a small group, we use the information you have gathered in order to tailor your email for maximum effect. Then pay attention to the statistics from the email blast, and learn from it for the next time.

When it comes to optimizing your email blasts, it is important not to get discouraged, or to have unrealistic expectations. We will spend the time testing, studying the analytics, and working on improving your emails. The right techniques will get you an increase in sales and interest in your company.