The Origin of the word “WORD” comes form the Greek word “LOGOS”. Logos defined is a  single thought plan or idea expressed audibly or visually. Which is why we use this word today to describe our company’s icons. Though the “S” has been dropped, the logo today should fulfill the original definition of the word. Upon looking at a company’s logo, one should know and understand what that company does in one single expressed thought visually.  We at Pandemic Brand pledge to do just that. Convey what it is that your company does in a single expressed thought manifested in your logo.

Your company’s logo will go a long way toward defining your brand, so the process to create it shouldn’t be entered into lightly. Whether you choose to work with a design team or produce your logo yourself, you must be aware of how varying images, shapes, typefaces and colors will showcase your company.

The interesting thing about many of the most popular–and memorable–logos is they don’t all rely on the same element to generate brand awareness. The golden arches of McDonald’s use color and shape; Apple Computer relies on an image; and Coca Cola’s logo is typeface-focused. What this means to you is, you’ll have some important decisions to make as you embark on the logo-creation process. And while there’s no strict right or wrong way to go, you must think about what you want your logo to say about your organization before making any design decisions.

As you determine where your company falls on the spectrum, remember your logo will be used for a variety of purposes-including company identification, marketing promotions and client development-so it must be attractive to a variety of audiences. And it must be innovative enough to provide immediate differentiation, making it memorable to your audience.

Remember that your logo is like a standard or a flag for a country, it is something for you and your employees to rally around. It inspires pride and passion that in turn brings loyalty and dedication to your company. Your logo is your company’s personality, it is your identity.